Monday, 2 March 2009

Undying Love by Alex

I kinda declared that this is a zombie week for me, thought that it'd be interesting to start to have themes in different weeks or months. Originally I wanted to draw a couple of little boy and girl, but I ended up with something else. This one is meant to be amusing though, and it's dedicated to the one I care about the most. ^^


  1. Very suitable title...Undying Love. Very scary I if I happened to meet the couple at night...very artistic.

  2. i love the pencil sketch one. wud u be interested to produce a line of tshirts with a theme? good profits and mebbe partially can go to incovar as sponsorship...

  3. omigosh that is an AWESOME idea.... :D

  4. Jason.. ^^ as much as the love we all have for zombies, no they are not real. Thanks for the compliments!

    CheeOnn, know that I'm always all-in for charity stuff, and making designs for Incovar. As long as I get 2 copies(not one) of whatever that's been made :p

    Tanna, yes...the extra one is for you!