Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Eskil by Alex

I was so determined that this week would be "Babies Week" for me, but because of the recent 1.5 day trip to Oslo, I only managed to complete a rough but final sketch of one of my best-est ex-colleague's baby boy. The picture's taken way back in October 2008, and I have a few blurry pictures of him now, but that's how I'd imagine how much he's grown.
This is my 2nd pencil sketch on people, so Lars, if it doesn't look like him, don't use your viking sword on me ^^ I hope you like it though. It definitely took me more than 3 hours, so Lars... you know the standard rate for a manhour right? ^o^

Oh yeah... why Babies week? Tomorrow/today(March 12th) is my baby niece's 1 year old birthday. So Happy Birthday KaQin! Lots of love from Lil Uncle. :)


  1. i like this pencil sketch... i think it does looks like the boy... good work ^___^

  2. I agree with hamsterping...I like the big eyes

  3. Jason, your eyes are kinda big too.... for a Chinese :p