Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Baby Philipp by Alex

This is the final piece with Babies theme, and a sketch which I'll give to Martin(a co-worker, a great friend) as a gift celebrating his wonderful fatherhood. I used to give away all my drawings anyway, they make people happy, and that makes me happy too.
The sketch isn't at all accurate, and Philipp's got such beautiful blue eyes I got distracted all the time! And it's also the first time I'm doing an A4 size portrait sketch, and my 3rd real person sketch. It's still a long way for me to go, this one took me probably around 5hours because of the size >.<


  1. really great-again!....and that idea with the blue eyes!man!that looks SO good-...they really stand out-nice work alex ^3^

    *and the 2 blue points/''eyes'' over ''philipp'' haha....funny^^...I like those little things you always add to your drawings^^

  2. lovin' the blue eyes, darling. Keep it up! I am so privileged to be around such talent everyday. ^_^

  3. I envy the baby's blue eyes...no need to wear coloured contact lens... :)

    Very nice drawing, Alex

  4. Teeheee... his blue eyes on the picture was probably the most prominent feature other than his cute smile.
    Jason, you wanna have blue eyes too? :p

    Thank you all for the compliments you're too kind. Your encouragement will definitely help me in making more of these and improve even further ^^