Sunday, 22 March 2009

Chinese Dragon by Alex

This is my 2nd attempt on digital painting using GIMP software. I am still getting used to it, and working on my 10.2" screen is starting to take a lot more effort than I'd have expected, and without dedicated zoom function on the tablet was making it harder too. But still, this didn't take me longer than 5 hours. I know that I am still very much into manga style(I am wondering when will I be able to not be influenced by that whenever I draw).

So the sketch on the front page of the presentation paper for the training I attended in Oslo 2 weeks ago was the inspiration(so much for paying attention to what the trainer was saying :Þ). I just drew it on the screen yesterday based on what I remembere because I left the paper at work anyway. I had the urge to draw dragon since 2 weeks ago I am not sure why, and I got another sketch which is almost done on my journal.

Ah well, I hope you guys enjoy this one. ^^


  1. Wow! Such talent here on this blog!!

  2. Amazingly smooth finish and such detailed piece of work - wow!

  3. hmm, I don't see anime-influence as much as I think you seem to think there is. I find you more on the dark, sharp, and colorful (still dark) side.

    Anime is more of what I draw ne... <3

    Again, such amazing talent that I really am enjoying visiting this blog often

  4. Hi Alex, Love the dragon! Thanks for visiting.
    P. S. My art blog is the Most active so follow that one!

  5. Shelly, hahaha... that's too much of a compliment. Thanks for liking the dragon, I hadn't been drawing a dragon since I was probably 11.

    Sarah, the tablet does help a lot in making strokes. But I learned a good lesson, always draw on a canvas sized A3 and above when you're doing a digital painting, because when I printed this one out, I could still see the pixels.

    FuiPing, teehee...glad you like it.

    Tanna, you're just so sweet as always dear. I think I need to throw a bit more of cell-shading technique away to achieve realism. I'll keep trying! ^^

  6. amazing work!I love the breezy effect and wonderful colours!

  7. love the dragon :)