Sunday, 8 March 2009

Genma Attack by Alex

This is my first attempt on using digital software to draw. I spent a couple of days just trying to figure out what I was doing, and I realized that drawing free-hand on the digital canvas was the easiest for me. It took me a few hours for this one, but it was really fun learning the tools on the software I was using, GIMP. I tried Corel Painter X too, but I prefer GIMP's simiplicity I guess. I thought that I started the blog with Genma and it's been great so far, so perhaps he would make a good start for digital painting too. But this time, he doesn't look so comical anymore ^^

I will be idle for a few days now because I got a training course in Oslo(no, it's not art course..'s engineering stuff boohoohoo). Oh yeah, I'd like to thank Sascha for throwing his unused tablet at me, it's an old Aiptek(not those expensive Wacoms), and thanks Tanna for giving me some useful tips on using the magic wand funtion... it's really magical :p


  1. wow. now imagine how far more u can reach with the help of technology...

  2. ^^ yeah, too bad you misspelled my name... how sad... >.< jk

    really great job done on shading and lighting.... as always keep it up for I am your biggest fan ^_^

  3. CheeOnn, yeah.. it's actually fun to learn, just takes a bit of time when nobody is actually showing you and guiding you.

    Tanna, awwwww...I'm sorry! I was like in a rush, I've corrected it, see see ^^

  4. looks like some angry panda. =D good job!

  5. very scary lar... will have nightmare after looking at it.

  6. Jason, apala lu! Something so cute as a panda also gives your nightmare? C'mon don't be a chicken ^o^ bwaaakbwaaak!

    Carol, thanks! Yes it is an angry panda... people thought it's a mis-colored werewolf -__-;;