Monday, 23 March 2009

The Redhoods XD by Princess Koda

Fanart/Watercolor-Testing Round 2.In real the colors look better...Scanner love eating watercolors...=.=''

A Fanart of that manga 'honey & clover'-very cute and funny XD...Well...I dont like the outlines too much...I totally didnt care about the faces-as you can see XD''...Again I'm just practicing watercolor techniques...I never did a lot of coloring, because I'm always afraid of messing it up-But it's time now to face that fear and simply work on my coloring ''skills''...
For the outlines I was inspired by a chapter picture of that manga:

This one is only colored by me...The outlines are from the cool ''color me club'' on deviantart...(outlines by Waffles)

...just a test.

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  1. very nice, I like your use of colors for the anime-inspired one. Keep working with watercolors because it's really nice I think. :)