Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sheon in his Jersey (by Alex)

A quick pencil sketch of Sheon, an old friend of mine I knew since I was 13. Sheon loves the German Football/Soccer Team, and to show his support, he spends fortune getting those expensive Football/Soccer jerseys. ^^
Sheon is a funny guy, he sent me a couple of pictures of himself months ago and asked me to draw his "handsome" face :p So I took different parts of him and combined them into one sketch. His smile is actually from another picture, his eyes are from another and what not ^^ So this is Frankenstein Sheon! :D
I hope you like it Sheon, this is a belated Happy Birthday to you!


  1. I would think this would take all day to do----he will be thrilled to pieces---wonderful job!

  2. Good job...80% look like Sheon...anyway, I haven't met Sheon for a long time

  3. I can't comment on the likeness but the fabric folds around the neck of his shirt are really great. I am sure he will like his picture!

  4. you definitely have a knack for drawing people's faces. Great work! <3

  5. oh... that Sheon... anyway nice job

  6. I'm starting to think there is nothing you can't draw!

    Oh, your magazine was posted on Monday so should be with you soon ^_^

  7. I was so laughing about ''Frankenstein Sheon'' and that little face with the football on the fronthead, right next to that drawing...*ahahahaaaaaaa* XD...

    I dont know how he really looks like, but that you can combine different photos into one drawing is so cool ^_^...Also those little tiny white ''stripes'' on his hair look so great...makes a difference, brings some extra highlights into it^^very cool.

    And putting that background with the palm and houses into it too gives it the final 'thing'...you know what I mean?...

    Short: Great job *haha*

  8. Winna, it took me 2 days about 4 hours in total. :) I mentioned "quick" because it's quicker than when I do water coloring.

    Jason, 80% is simply too much. Sheon is wayyyyyy more good looking :p

    Marancat, thanks for paying attention to the details. Sheon hasn't even seen this yet, that's because I keep forgetting to send him an email notifying him. I'll do that right after.

    Tanna, XOXO

    Bryan, AHA! You still remember him huh?! How is our genius surviving Singapore I wonder?

    Aveen, Of course there are tons of things I can't draw. :) I am learning and I won't stop though. Thanks for the constant support!

    Aarti, thank you! :) you're so kind.

    Jess, aha! You found that little manga part of the drawing. I was starting to think if people didn't notice it ^^ The tiny stripes on his hair, that's because Sheon's got tons of white hair. Thanks again Jess, can't wait to see your next drawing too!

  9. I'm amazed with your technique - that you can combine elements and make the person look so great! Sheon is really handsome, and lucky, too : ) ! Loved your other posts, the elemental girl in the forest, beautiful, and the gun, totally awesome! I'm an Appleseed fan, too, "Deunan" is my other internet avatar ; )!