Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sophie in Clearings (by Alex)

The idea came from a a really good friend Erik, who's working on a book right now. I really hope that it gets published despite the fact that the book will be in Norwegian(people in Norway are so lucky!)
Erik showed me a sketch of this character Sophie who's a teen fire elemental, a peasant daughter, and just figured out that she could make small flames popping out of her fingertips, and at the same time her hair floats and goes up in the air. He drew her practicing in her room before going to sleep every night and he drew that excellently. So I asked if I could contribute some artwork ideas too, and he gave be the below:-
Sophie trains in the nearby forest, the clearing has a huge boulder, and small stream running through it. She likes to sit on top of the boulder in a sort of a dip that makes the rock looks super-comfy.
So the result is somewhat weird to me too and the composition is absolutely OUT -_- I didn't know what to do with coloring Sophie because I don't know what's her favorite color, what's her eye-color, her hair color, or even how she looks like and so on.. so I decided to do this half-pencil, half-watercolor+ink+highlighter markers combination. I hope Erik likes it too ^^

P.S: Thank you so much for the compliments in my previous post(the Gun) and no, I don't own a gun :) It was a sketch from a picture.


  1. Really interesting contrast between the character and the forest! I love to see you working in colour, you do it so well.

  2. love the contrast, and use of color! I also wrote a short story of elemental wielding teenagers, and so I definitely like the idea. :3

  3. Hi Alex,
    Sophie will reveal herself to you soon. You've spent too much time and wonderful effort in helping her emerge. She'll reward you for it. I hope Erik likes her enough to encourage you to keep working. She's lovely and so is her forest.

  4. I like this one very much...I love that character...probably because that cute hair (like a flame righ?^^)...
    And the forest...
    @________@ I am not astonished about how good you did that again!^^Really amazing how you can always bring in so many different colors for shading know...I just don't look through it XD...

  5. OMG, Alex. I cant believe your little doodles in class ended up to be such genius masterpieces. All your stuff here are great!! Please keep it up. Love it!:D

    (linking you to my blog)

  6. Aveen, thanks for the compliment ^^ I'll try to do as much water-coloring as I can. I am still trying to look for the Watercolor Moleskine here and I can't seem to find any -__-

    Tanna sweetie, you're doing well yourself with your sketches too. Keep it up and keep posting!

    KimZoph, Erik actually love it a lot so I am really glad ^^ But he said Sophie's supposed to be 13-14 years old, so I drew her too 'matured'. Your work's been amazing!

    Jess, yes ^^ the hair thing is mentioned by the true creator Erik. Thanks!

    Nat, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, and FuiPing caught me drawing on my table in the class because she's sitting there in the afternoon session. ^^ These are just to pass my time, so it's really no biggie