Thursday, 16 April 2009

Nessuna (by Princess Koda)

(original size is better ;-)
Nessuna...I guess that means ''nobody'' in italian or so...I would love to use that as my nickname @_@...but too many idiots sign up everywhere as nessuna or sad *drop*....

So this is my 2nd digital painting of my life...I so STRUGGLED with the face...first I used too soft brushes, so that the style of the face totally didnt match the hair...I had to do a new attempt on the face and I landed here....with some real flat hard brushes...
Still doesnt look like I intended to color it...

The worst was actually that I used an old sketch in no reference for color...@_@ and I can NEVER decide which colors XD...

Here some steps XD

(AAAAAHAHAA...just noticed that I cant even count from 1 to 4 XD...when I corrected the 4 into a 5 I didnt even see that I missed out the 3 *hah* XD'''')

Next time something different.


  1. Another great attempt ^^ And you really did a good job with the hair this time!

  2. really love the vibrant hair and highlighting/shadowing you did, because that's what I struggle with. Keep it up! <3

  3. Great hair! I have respect for digital painting it is not easy. I have taken a couple of lessons and am nowhere near the level you are.

  4. Very nice...I'm impressed with your digital skills...not easy drawing on computer. Did you do basic drawing first and scan to finish...or was it all totally digital?

  5. Nice work! The shading of hair is so good and nice choice of colour too!

  6. Thanks for all those comments^^
    now some answers:

    The hair may look a bit like work, but this was actually easierthen it seems ^.^
    just do layer after layer and smudge them with a tiny brush.the the same with some light color for the highlights-it happened more accidentally^^...i dont really have any ''skills'' *haha*

    Drawing directly on the computer is quite difficult at the beginning.for this one i scanned in old outlines and inked over it digitally.
    but after you got the hang of it it's easy to do it all on pc.

    the next one i do all digital^^
    thx again^3^