Saturday, 25 April 2009

EDM #13- draw a telephone (By Tanna)

Okay, so this is my first post on this blog, and I am by no means as talented as the other co-authors on this blog, but since this is an art blog mainly, I decided I'd post here, rather than on my other blog. So, this is my phone, a Sony Ericsson. It's pink. I love it. I attached a Hello Kitty charm on it for something special. I have never colored any drawing before, and I can see I have a long way to go about before I learn where shades and shines go. Regardless, I hope ya'll enjoy it. 

Ps. The text on the side says "moshi moshi". It is the standard "hello" when answering the phone in Japanese.  ^o^


  1. Very good attempt sweets ^^ It's not easy doing free-hand drawing when it comes to squarish/boxy things like phones, I usually use rulers to keep me on track. I love the frog! ^^

  2. oh okay, I should try a ruler next time for sure, thanks for the advice.

    *goes off to comment on your picture now. XD*

  3. a nice try! perhaps with more practise, you will discover your hidden talent -> to draw better than Alex. :p
    you go girl. :)

  4. heheh, Alex teaches me new things everyday, I just have to be patient and keep practicing.

    Thanks for the comment. <3

  5. First:Welcome on the blog ^3^..You have a pink mobile?I'm jealous >.<...Very nice post^^ and the little hello kitty froggy is soooo cute ^^
    keep it uuuuuuuup^^