Wednesday, 1 April 2009

EDM#125 (Draw a Bird) by Alex

This is my first EDM(Everyday Matters) challenge post YAY! And this is also the first time for me to draw a bird. I think there'll be a lot of "My 1st" for EDM since there are 200 things to draw on the list.
Again, I am still learning to do hair/fur/feather and it's been so much fun doing it actually. I did this 2 days ago but I waited until today to post it because I thought it's fair thing to do by giving my partner's last post a 2-3 days grace period. In fact that's what I'll do now, whenever she posts, even if I have a drawing done just right after that, I'll wait for 2 days :)
So tools here again very simple, still my trusty old 0.5mm HB leads from my silver mechanical pencil and bunch of erasers. But I added something else in my inventory, a 6B Faber Castell PITT pure graphite pencil stick... which made the shading a whole lot easier, as well as a color blender, which is basically a stick with folds of paper but it IS better than blending colors with your fingers hahaha. But I didn't use any stylus or empty ball-point pen for it, I used the metal tip/sleeve of my mechanical pencil to do the job.
I also bought a lot of other stuff (following some advice from which I don't find useful in my style of sketching for now at least namely 2H and 4H woodcase pencils, stick eraser with refills(ah well, these are nice to carry around anyway), and Faber Castell Perfection Pencil Eraser(I find Kneadable erasers much more fun and precise).
And finally I bought a proper pencil case for my pencils and tools...from Eastpak(they are supposed to last until I rot to bones right?)... so I am retiring from using my Wrigley's DOUBLEMINT Chewing Gum metal box as my pencil case, they are too short for any of those pencils anyway ^^
Thanks for the constant support and words of encouragement from everybody! Thanks Greg for the list of EDM challenges, and for following our blog, it's truly an honor.
Hope you like this one too... tweep tweeep!


  1. Hi Alex! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, got all my old systems in the game room. I have a PS3, Wii, PSP, and right now my Super Nintendo and Nintendo in the living room. Love video games!

    Also wanted to say how much I love your artwork! You are a very talented artist! Look forward to seeing more :)

  2. I would say you need no more "practice" on fur or feathers, this sketch is rock solid - Gorgeous!!

  3. You are not a wannabe. I wish I had the drawing talent you have... Just wait until I get the Art Studio side cleaned out and start in on EDMs. You will laugh sooooo hard!

    Feel free to draw me pictures anytime :) And then send them to me :)

    Do not sell yourself short you have a great talent and I am happy to be following your blog!

  4. Veli the canteks your lukisan, I saje nak tulis bahse melayu supaya semua org tak paham .. muahahahahaha.

    Good try and a gud first time. Nah, I da tulis comment da, ari tu marah i just commented on YM :P.

    Go APEK Go APEK :D

  5. This is fantastic! You've done such a great job of the feathers (I spent ages looking at them to work out how you did them) and the eye is also really nicely done. I can't wait to see more of your EDM challenges :-)

  6. Ah, great job on the feathers, Lovebird. :p

    I especially like the detail in the feet as well as the eyes.... I have tried to draw a bird before and had a tough time with the feet.

    Again, very happy to be viewing this. Keep it up, and maybe I'll try a sketch or two this weekend...

  7. Lovely! I like the realism of this drawing, i half expect the bird to jump off the page!

  8. Got a bit 3D effect. The bird looks like standing on my laptop. Nice drawing.

  9. All of you are just too sweet ^^ This is the first post in the blog that has a Two-digit comments count. (will try to get more opportunity to practice more on fur/hair/feathers)

    Tanna, you're drawing now too, and I am so proud of you sweets!

    Shelly, thanks and can't wait to see your next drawing too, vibrant as always I'd expect!

    Jason, 3D effect huh? That's super compliment coming from an IT expert!

    Hui2, Glad that you do ^o^

  10. Good Job, Alex! What about showing some light effects on the bird feather? Bird's feather normally are smooth and reflective of light.

  11. Alex
    This is a very nice bird. Very realistic.

  12. I could not figure how to comment on your comment to me so I will comment in this comment space----whew! The perched bird practically speaks here---wonderfully keen observations. The color of this page is an interesting earth shade--what I wanted to say is how I think your comments on my work are so well written and to see your work again says this is why you would be this thinking artist writer...a boon to this group for sure--since I am one of the oldest ones in the group I have seen quite a bit and know your work is special. Please excuse any errors as I rely on spellcheck to come along and fix it all and it totally ignores me in these comment areas----winna

  13. Masterful work Alex...brilliant lines! :)

  14. WOW...Alex...unbelievable..I think birds and cats are my favorite subjects, so that is why I like this one so well...

  15. gorgeous drawing. really amazing. you have so much talent.