Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Bunny Yoru (by Princess Koda)

The final picture:Happy Easter *hehe*

All quite messy and without structure...I just didnt get it...@_@
Here some steps of my ''serious attempt'' yesterday...:

I tried digital coloring for the first time on friday XD...I just wanted to confirm myself again, that I cannot do it....>.< But I liked it XD hehe....So I tried it again on saturday.The result isnt that bad-for my first time...More to learn *yeah* Was a lot of fun...
(First sketch:)


  1. Great first attempt! See ^^ now you should do more of digital arts(yeah right, looks who's talking, I only did twice anyway :p )

  2. oh this is great! Love your digi-art... do you mind if I save this onto my laptop... it makes me laugh from the captions. XD

  3. XD Thank you ^.^
    haha Go ahead, save it XD---It's fantastic if it made you laugh^^ *mission accomplished* yeah* XD

  4. your artworks soooo amazing! really brilliant. so much humour and energy.