Friday, 10 April 2009

Cherry Blosson & Temple in Osaka by Alex

This is my first Moleskine drawing and it really took me a while. The Moleskine sketchbook is really not meant for watercoloring, but it's okay, the colors didn't seep through the pages too much.
I've never been to Osaka, my fiancee is there right now, and she took this amazing picture of a temple while the cherry blossom was blooming during spring time. I thought it's simply beautiful so I decided to paint it. It's not at all the same as the picture of course, and my manga style is showing again on this one. :) But it's alright, I like it. I'm going to spray a layer of clear paint onto it to preserve the color.


  1. Alex, this is gorgeous! What a beautiful scene. I'm always amazed when people do such detailed work in a moleskine, the only thing in mine is scribbly doodles :D

  2. Very pretty ... I wanna go there too. Hope to be there next year.

    And good job Apek :P. Very nice.

  3. Lovely...I do understand your frustration, though! Looking forward to seeing more of your work...

  4. Lovely work! I have had experience with Moleskines and watercolor pencils and waterbrushes and have no trouble with bleeding through--with those tools you do not use much water and that may be the difference...they are not meant for heavy water use like some of the watercolor papers are...

  5. Nice sketch, I prefer the Hand*book to the moleskine... it will accept watercolor.

  6. glad I am able to give you some material to keep you busy for a while. :P

    And, as far as your "manga-style" is concerned, it's not like that, but rather "your" style. So, keep doing what you are doing, and you will end up fixing all those little things you don't like about your drawings without realizing it.

    I am proud of you.

  7. Wow - you should definitely continue filling up those moleskin pages. The layout and colors are great!

  8. Beautiful! I love the paint in this book! You have done a wonderful job, I feel like I'm right there!

  9. It looks fantastic! Great subject, and wonderfully done! It has depth and all the details, the roof, the leaves... are awesome! Will come back to admire the next pages : )!

  10. I think it has been said now, but again:GREAT WORK^.^
    As I said:I was really blown away-the complete piece is amazing!

  11. real pretty...^^ i dont know u can paint so well too.

  12. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant in this painting, Alex! Wonderful job my friend!

  13. Very nice painting - I like the lightness of the image!

  14. Amazing...I thought I was looking at the photo, and scrolled down to see the artwork...and I WAS looking at it..good job

  15. Nice painting and it would be nice if it can be hung on my house wall... Very peaceful look :)

  16. FANTASTIC tonal range. Your work is clearly evolving. It's great fun to look at it all!

  17. This will be a long one...
    Angeltrests, You do a good job yourself. Thanks for liking this ^^
    Lyna, I am sure you'll go there one day! :p
    Carolyn, thanks! :)
    Kate, yeah..I still couldn't find the watercolor Moleskine here... I mean... C'MON COLONGE!!!
    Winna, I put layers and layers of soft color on it that's why. I am sure it's my technique, but I'll look for the heavier paper version. Thanks!
    Ann, glad you like it ^^
    Capt Elaine, I saw the Hand*book artist journal, I can't seem to find them here in Cologne -__-
    Gerald, Yes I will fill up the Moleskine pages ^^ but maybe with less layers of colors and more sketches. THanks for the compliments!
    Lindart, :) It's only the first paint, and probably the last one too. I'll do more sketches in this book like it's meant for.
    Kazumiwannabe, ARIGATOU!!!
    Princess Koda, you're doing a great job yourself ^^ so right back at ya!
    FuiPing, hahahaha.. people don't know much about this side of me. I am the engineer by day, and artist-wannabe by night.
    Kaine, THANK YOU THANK YOU ^^ Hope your art room is coming alive soon!
    Anna T., I am happy you liked it too.
    Deborah, ^^ I was drawing it from a photo.. but yeah, I am still far from achieving photorealism.
    Jason, yes but the drawing is attached to a journal, and besides, it's too small to be put on the wall anyway.
    Kimzoph, ^^ glad you enjoyed the journey!

  18. Hi Alex.

    Love everything about this work:
    the mood, those colors, the motion, that sacred
    element you've managed capture.
    Three Cheers! Doug