Saturday, 2 May 2009

Departures おくりびと Okuribito (by Alex)

Departures won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film at the 2009 Oscars. A friend recommended it on Facebook, and posted a link to one of the tunes in the soundtracks(Beautiful Death), and while listening to that and browsing at the same time, something strange happened... My eyes started to become watery and tears started to roll. So I decided to watch the movie, and at first it was more like a comedy, because it was so funny... but of course, that part short-lived, and then you just need to watch it to know what's going on. ^^
It's a good movie, it's touched me, and inspired me to draw this picture. I have never put so much emotion in a piece of sketch before, but I was even listening to the soundtracks while drawing this. but I don't think that you're able to feel it because it doesn't transfer that well. But please, if you have a chance, look for it and watch the movie, and make sure Kleenex is always within reach ;)

Thanks again for your comments on my sketch of Sheon. He hasn't checked it yet, so I doubt that he knows about it... he's in for a surprise when it does ^^


  1. A lovely sketch - don't know if I dare watch the film!

  2. Thanks for all of the positive comments you have given me. This sketch is wonderful...something for me to work towards! I'll have to look for that film!

  3. Alex your sketch is fantastic...just so flawless and free.....I tryed to find the song (beautiful death) on youtube, the only thing I could find was by wintersun....I am thinking this couldn't have been the song that made you cry.......hmmm????

  4. Your work is beautiful...just found you on the EDM board and I'm enjoying your blog.

  5. The expression on the man's face is fantastic. There's an emotional tension in your drawing, it's vibrant, as well as beautiful! I'll try to find the movie and save it for a day when I feel blue!

  6. Thanks for sending me the link to the song..It is hauntingly beautiful...and then coming back to see your depiction...beautiful, are very inspiring.

  7. Thats a wonderful sketch! Love the lines and it has a feeling of movement to it as if he is really playing it and his hands will move.

    I have a award for you. Please do accept:)

  8. Such a beautiful drawing. The expression on the man's face is so... I don't know. Wistful? I found the music on Youtube and it's so wonderful. I'll get the film when it comes out on DVD. And I know it'll make me cry too because I cry at any sad or emotional film!

  9. Hi Alex, thanks for reminding me..;p.
    now i realise that this blog belongs to one group and you're one of the members!! (embarassed).
    I love this drawing of yours. It is beautiful. and the man looks very sad...

  10. Marancat, Thanks ^^. But you NEED to watch the film.
    Geri Ann, It's a pleasure too. Let me know when you've watched the film. I hope you like it too.
    Deborah, You're just so kind. Thanks for the compliments. I am glad you liked the soundtracks.
    Pedalpower, I am happy to be found, and that you like what you're seeing ^^
    Kazumiwannabe, your work is way awesome and creative. I not creating as much as you do :) But many thanks!
    Pea, Aww.. I can't accept that generous award here. This blog is contributed by 3 authors, so I'll accept it in my heart. Vielen Dank!
    Aveen, I am so glad I got your magazine! It's actually so educational(I've never bought anything like that) and it teaches so much about watercolor! ^^ Have fun spending your tears away and exercising your tear ducts with the movie.
    Owl, Hahaha! It's alright, we never really explained that face here properly anyway. The actual movie poster of that man is actually not that sad. I guess I did it unintentionally because I drew it while listening to the musics. Thank you so much and your work is just so inspiring!

  11. The guy is very yau yeng !!