Monday, 26 October 2009

Mandy Lane (by Alex)

I am not sure if any of you have watched the movie, but I personally think that the movie is well directed. So it's just a quick sketch(took me 2 hours still) on my Moleskine of how I feel about the movie. Mandy Lane's character played by Amber Heard is both dark and innocent at the same time, and yet could have so much influence in people around her. So I am trying to experiment that with colors, I hope it works.
Thank you all for your birthday wishes, and I am so glad you liked the cake I drew ^^ Perhaps one day I'll learn to bake it myself.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

EDM#246 Draw something October (by Alex)

It's been a while since I my last EDM post, but this week's theme somehow made me think of something I usually would have in October when I am at home with my family. It's blueberry layered cake! It's my favorite kind actually, and my mom's and my birthdays are in October, so we'd normally have 2 cakes in the month, and one of them is always blueberry layered cake. I haven't had any for 3 years now since I started working here in Germany, but my co-workers usually would bring me out for something exotic. Last time it was TGIF in Oslo, Norway(yeah I know it doesn't sound exotic, but there isn't any TGIF in Germany), and this time maybe Mongolian buffet dinner somewhere in Cologne.

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post, and it's been fun doing things in colors again. Although I won't be having any blueberry cake in my mouth tomorrow, I'd consider this is the blueberry cake for myself in my heart(and on my Moleskine), Happy Birthday Alex! ^^

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Plunge (by Alex)

I've been listening to everyone, and I took Raena's advice of simply sketching a scene that I like from the movies that I've been watching. So I did just that, I was watching Live Free Die Hard 4.0, and that's the scene where Bruce Willis was leaping off a crashing F35 plane on the right, and after that I just drew something that resembles a face, and probably in flame or something, maybe he's angry, and he's not young too, I am not sure what I was drawing, but then perhaps I was inspired by the video game called Metal Gear Solid. I have never been a fan in that game but I thought the art was awesome. And then I just decided that I needed a lot of colors, so this messy piece is the result.
It's obviously doing a soul searching piece, I can't say I am happy nor I am not happy with it, it's just something that came up at that time, at that moment, out of randomness.

Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement, I really really appreciate them. I'll keep trying, and I'll try to isolate or channel my anxiety into my sketchbook, either way I know that I'll be fine. I am sorry that I've been ranting and caused worries.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Lala - Love Trouble (by jessie)

12813218437834 billion years later I post something again T_T *sorry*...Just a little thing, from quite a while ago (weeks)...Bad scan :-(

I'm doing the same one with PC right now - will come in the next days...

Friday, 9 October 2009

Plum Flower (by Alex)

(click to zoom)

I wanted to do this in color initially, but I was afraid that I'd mess it up real bad so I thought I'd play it safe. In the end, it looks kind of messed up anyway -___- So maybe I'll try it again with colors some other time. I also notice that I am getting tired relatively easy these days, that's why I haven't been able to draw more than I used to. I am going to say it's due to weather change, and it is getting a lot colder these days.
The picture was taken by a good friend of mine Douglas, who is an awesome professional photographer. You could find a lot of great subjects for sketching and drawing here. Unfortunately his blog is in Chinese. But we all know that picture says a thousand words right? ;)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone for your comments and your warm wishes in my previous post. I really appreciate them all ^^

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Seeing Double (by Alex)

(Click to zoom)
(Rough sketch stage)
(Light shading and some highlight)
(Hair detailing and more shading)

If you notice that these two people are looking very similar, that's because they are actually one person :) just with different poses.
I always have problems drawing people that are dear to me because I am afraid that they won't like the result. I practiced with my niece and that now gave me a bit of confidence to draw the one I am marrying soon. She did mention that I never drew her, not because that I didn't want to, but it's because I didn't think I was good enough yet(I still don't feel that I am good enough actually). But a lot of things have been going on lately, and she's not in the best of her mood. So I took up the courage to give it a go and hope that it's able to life her spirit up a little and cheer her up a bit somehow.
Tanna, please be happy. I can't do much right now, but I hope I'm able to just put a smile on your face by drawing you. I love you ^^

Many thanks to everyone who commented on my earlier sketches of my niece. All your kind words made this possible.