Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sheon in his Jersey (by Alex)

A quick pencil sketch of Sheon, an old friend of mine I knew since I was 13. Sheon loves the German Football/Soccer Team, and to show his support, he spends fortune getting those expensive Football/Soccer jerseys. ^^
Sheon is a funny guy, he sent me a couple of pictures of himself months ago and asked me to draw his "handsome" face :p So I took different parts of him and combined them into one sketch. His smile is actually from another picture, his eyes are from another and what not ^^ So this is Frankenstein Sheon! :D
I hope you like it Sheon, this is a belated Happy Birthday to you!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sophie in Clearings (by Alex)

The idea came from a a really good friend Erik, who's working on a book right now. I really hope that it gets published despite the fact that the book will be in Norwegian(people in Norway are so lucky!)
Erik showed me a sketch of this character Sophie who's a teen fire elemental, a peasant daughter, and just figured out that she could make small flames popping out of her fingertips, and at the same time her hair floats and goes up in the air. He drew her practicing in her room before going to sleep every night and he drew that excellently. So I asked if I could contribute some artwork ideas too, and he gave be the below:-
Sophie trains in the nearby forest, the clearing has a huge boulder, and small stream running through it. She likes to sit on top of the boulder in a sort of a dip that makes the rock looks super-comfy.
So the result is somewhat weird to me too and the composition is absolutely OUT -_- I didn't know what to do with coloring Sophie because I don't know what's her favorite color, what's her eye-color, her hair color, or even how she looks like and so on.. so I decided to do this half-pencil, half-watercolor+ink+highlighter markers combination. I hope Erik likes it too ^^

P.S: Thank you so much for the compliments in my previous post(the Gun) and no, I don't own a gun :) It was a sketch from a picture.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

EDM #13- draw a telephone (By Tanna)

Okay, so this is my first post on this blog, and I am by no means as talented as the other co-authors on this blog, but since this is an art blog mainly, I decided I'd post here, rather than on my other blog. So, this is my phone, a Sony Ericsson. It's pink. I love it. I attached a Hello Kitty charm on it for something special. I have never colored any drawing before, and I can see I have a long way to go about before I learn where shades and shines go. Regardless, I hope ya'll enjoy it. 

Ps. The text on the side says "moshi moshi". It is the standard "hello" when answering the phone in Japanese.  ^o^

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

EDM#183 Draw something dangerous (by Alex)

I am sorry it took me so long to post. I hadn't been drawing at all since Good Friday, as I was in Brussels visiting a good friend of mine. Right after that I had to go to Oslo for two-days meeting, and then I came back sick. I've been sick for almost a week now but I managed to do a little sketch still while dragging along(I get tired so easily now)
This would be considered a messy post I suppose, since I almost fell asleep so many times while doing it. I wanted to draw a gun after watching Appleseed(Japanese anime) a few weeks ago. I must say, it's not easy drawing a gun -__- I accidentally made this a compact version.
Thanks again for all the comments on my previous post. I am glad people like the sakura painting. I still haven't found the Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook(they are sold out everywhere!!) but I'll keep looking for it while keeping an eye on the Hand*Book Artist Journal, I doubt they carry those in stocks here in Cologne.
Happy drawing/sketching everyone!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Nessuna (by Princess Koda)

(original size is better ;-)
Nessuna...I guess that means ''nobody'' in italian or so...I would love to use that as my nickname @_@...but too many idiots sign up everywhere as nessuna or nessuno....so sad *drop*....

So this is my 2nd digital painting of my life...I so STRUGGLED with the face...first I used too soft brushes, so that the style of the face totally didnt match the hair...I had to do a new attempt on the face and I landed here....with some real flat hard brushes...
Still doesnt look like I intended to color it...

The worst was actually that I used an old sketch in pencil...so no reference for color...@_@ and I can NEVER decide which colors XD...

Here some steps XD

(AAAAAHAHAA...just noticed that I cant even count from 1 to 4 XD...when I corrected the 4 into a 5 I didnt even see that I missed out the 3 *hah* XD'''')

Next time something different.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Bunny Yoru (by Princess Koda)

The final picture:Happy Easter *hehe*

All quite messy and without structure...I just didnt get it...@_@
Here some steps of my ''serious attempt'' yesterday...:

I tried digital coloring for the first time on friday XD...I just wanted to confirm myself again, that I cannot do it....>.< But I liked it XD hehe....So I tried it again on saturday.The result isnt that bad-for my first time...More to learn *yeah* Was a lot of fun...
(First sketch:)

Friday, 10 April 2009

Cherry Blosson & Temple in Osaka by Alex

This is my first Moleskine drawing and it really took me a while. The Moleskine sketchbook is really not meant for watercoloring, but it's okay, the colors didn't seep through the pages too much.
I've never been to Osaka, my fiancee is there right now, and she took this amazing picture of a temple while the cherry blossom was blooming during spring time. I thought it's simply beautiful so I decided to paint it. It's not at all the same as the picture of course, and my manga style is showing again on this one. :) But it's alright, I like it. I'm going to spray a layer of clear paint onto it to preserve the color.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Hagu and duckies (Princess Koda)

Honey & Clover Fanart.Again XD'''..........I'd normally not draw water like that.Everytime I just copy something it looks weird.I think I draw another Hagu in my own style.Just for comparison.*curious*

Thursday, 2 April 2009

EDM#70 (Draw what you're AFRAID of) by Alex

My 2nd EDM challenge, and I have to be honest, I rushed a little bit on this one because I just wanted to get it over with >___<
Thanks to Steven Spielberg, whenever I am near deep water(sometimes even shallow water) I'll have this picture in my head. I even believe that sharks do swim in fresh water too, and sometimes in the bathtub, most the time in the public/hotel swimming pools -___-;; (yeah yeah, laugh all you want)
Thanks over and over again for visiting and for leaving comments on my previous post, and I am so glad that everyone loves the bird. I still however need to learn to do better hair/fur/feathers, simply because it's so much fun doing it. The sharks unfortunately is hairless, and I was trying to do a bit of motives representing the ocean just to compensate a little bit on the jaws which I am terrified of. I am not expecting anyone to like this one, you're supposed to be afraid of it ^^
And yes, obviously all sharks speak German :p

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

EDM#125 (Draw a Bird) by Alex

This is my first EDM(Everyday Matters) challenge post YAY! And this is also the first time for me to draw a bird. I think there'll be a lot of "My 1st" for EDM since there are 200 things to draw on the list.
Again, I am still learning to do hair/fur/feather and it's been so much fun doing it actually. I did this 2 days ago but I waited until today to post it because I thought it's fair thing to do by giving my partner's last post a 2-3 days grace period. In fact that's what I'll do now, whenever she posts, even if I have a drawing done just right after that, I'll wait for 2 days :)
So tools here again very simple, still my trusty old 0.5mm HB leads from my silver mechanical pencil and bunch of erasers. But I added something else in my inventory, a 6B Faber Castell PITT pure graphite pencil stick... which made the shading a whole lot easier, as well as a color blender, which is basically a stick with folds of paper but it IS better than blending colors with your fingers hahaha. But I didn't use any stylus or empty ball-point pen for it, I used the metal tip/sleeve of my mechanical pencil to do the job.
I also bought a lot of other stuff (following some advice from Onlypencil.com) which I don't find useful in my style of sketching for now at least namely 2H and 4H woodcase pencils, stick eraser with refills(ah well, these are nice to carry around anyway), and Faber Castell Perfection Pencil Eraser(I find Kneadable erasers much more fun and precise).
And finally I bought a proper pencil case for my pencils and tools...from Eastpak(they are supposed to last until I rot to bones right?)... so I am retiring from using my Wrigley's DOUBLEMINT Chewing Gum metal box as my pencil case, they are too short for any of those pencils anyway ^^
Thanks for the constant support and words of encouragement from everybody! Thanks Greg for the list of EDM challenges, and for following our blog, it's truly an honor.
Hope you like this one too... tweep tweeep!