Sunday, 28 June 2009

Eternal Sonata

Drawn from a magazine, slightly changed - Here she looks less like a child...Pencil, then Watercolor...

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Rejected Wedding Invitation Card Ideas #1 (by Alex)

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As I told a few people that I'd be busy designing my own Wedding Invitation card for these couple of weeks, and that I'd also try to post something each week at least.. so here it is ^^

I am still working on the card, and I am planning to create several layouts so that we could see which is better and pick the right one. I'm still very new with the Open Source software "Inkscape" which I am using. It's not as powerful as Adobe Illustrator, but's free and it gets the job done :) So it might take another week or two, but I hope you'll have patience. I promise that once it is final and when the printing done, I'll post it up and share with everybody here. And in the meantime I'll just post things that I won't be using on the card. I am not using this because it's too cartoony.

Thank you so much for your comments and encouraging words in my previous post. James and Carine really like it, and they said they'll slot it into their wedding dinner presentation, so it will be in a big screen and my parents will be there too :) I am really happy that even I can't make it there, some part of me is still going to be present. Thanks James and Carine, and may you both silly bunnies live happily ever after just like in the fairy tales.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

James & Carine (by Alex)

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Being away for almost 4 weeks now, and I could already feel that my hands were starting to squeek :)
Anyway, this is a picture I drew for my friends who are getting married in July this year. It is not at all accurate, but I hope they'd appreciate it anyway.
So James and Carine, if you guys are looking at the blog, CONGRATULATIONS! ^^

P.S. : Thank you so much for all your kind words on my previous posts, the daisy and Rachel. I really really appreciate them ;) Happy drawing everyone!