Monday, 30 March 2009

Cake Ayumi (by Princess Koda)

Once again, a little ''Honey and Clover'' fanart.Drawn from one of the mangas (part...3?o.0)...~

Friday, 27 March 2009

Anne Hathaway by Alex

My 2nd celebrity sketch. I am stressing a bit more on the hair this time, and I've always thought that this shot of her from the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" looks cool and sophisticated so I gave it a shot too.

Tools used are still pretty simple and limited like any other sketches I usually do, just a mechanical pencil(AG Spalding & Bros. Mini if you really want to know) with 0.5mm HB lead, typical office erasers(Maped & Pelikan) on my 8x5" Bombay large brown leather journal my fiancee bought in B&N as my Christmas present last year(which drove me very much into drawing/sketching again). That's all ^^

I took a little more time this round because being an engineer by day, and an artist wannabe at night is sometimes very exhausting. I am going to separate this piece into 4 separate stages(Final sketch, initial outline, minimal shading, detailing hair) to illustrate how the process went.

I hope you like this one ;)

Monday, 23 March 2009

The Redhoods XD by Princess Koda

Fanart/Watercolor-Testing Round 2.In real the colors look better...Scanner love eating watercolors...=.=''

A Fanart of that manga 'honey & clover'-very cute and funny XD...Well...I dont like the outlines too much...I totally didnt care about the faces-as you can see XD''...Again I'm just practicing watercolor techniques...I never did a lot of coloring, because I'm always afraid of messing it up-But it's time now to face that fear and simply work on my coloring ''skills''...
For the outlines I was inspired by a chapter picture of that manga:

This one is only colored by me...The outlines are from the cool ''color me club'' on deviantart...(outlines by Waffles)

...just a test.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Chinese Dragon by Alex

This is my 2nd attempt on digital painting using GIMP software. I am still getting used to it, and working on my 10.2" screen is starting to take a lot more effort than I'd have expected, and without dedicated zoom function on the tablet was making it harder too. But still, this didn't take me longer than 5 hours. I know that I am still very much into manga style(I am wondering when will I be able to not be influenced by that whenever I draw).

So the sketch on the front page of the presentation paper for the training I attended in Oslo 2 weeks ago was the inspiration(so much for paying attention to what the trainer was saying :Þ). I just drew it on the screen yesterday based on what I remembere because I left the paper at work anyway. I had the urge to draw dragon since 2 weeks ago I am not sure why, and I got another sketch which is almost done on my journal.

Ah well, I hope you guys enjoy this one. ^^

Friday, 20 March 2009

Jean & Carol by Alex

Just a pencil sketch of a coupla friends, took the chance to do a lot more shadings, and giving the hair some depth with each stroke(the two just to show the effects before and after). I won't show their pictures here, but it's up to them to judge. I am probably getting the hang of it though, it didn't take me longer than 2 hours at least, but then again, it's only faces ^^ I wanted to ink them at first, and then I thought they're alright just like that. I'll experiment inking with some other sketches later.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Baby Philipp by Alex

This is the final piece with Babies theme, and a sketch which I'll give to Martin(a co-worker, a great friend) as a gift celebrating his wonderful fatherhood. I used to give away all my drawings anyway, they make people happy, and that makes me happy too.
The sketch isn't at all accurate, and Philipp's got such beautiful blue eyes I got distracted all the time! And it's also the first time I'm doing an A4 size portrait sketch, and my 3rd real person sketch. It's still a long way for me to go, this one took me probably around 5hours because of the size >.<

The result of my first Oil Color attempt XD'' (Princess Koda)

So, just now I finished the painting...I said the final pic will be better, but well...didn't work...aaargh I'm a liar XD...
Next time then *haha*...

And here the steps-just for fun:The 2nd one is my favourite actually...It's not so ''hard'' like the final pic...I should avoid strict lines...Doesn't look too good.Not soft enough.
Well, for the first try ever it's okay...@_@

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Disaster @_@ hohoho

...I HAVE to upload this now...I didnt post anything in a month (or even more >.<)...So this is what I was doing today/yesterday....
1st attempt to use oil colors (*sob*)...really bad....but well, NOW I know what I SHOULDN'T do next time...I'll draw/paint this again...starting tonight/tomorrow...

Better not comment on that haha...just posted to say ''I'm still alive''....
More (and better XD!) in the next days ^3^

(oh man @_@) hahaha
This here was the result after some strokes with the this wouldn't be in any case the final pic....but after I shot this photo I ruined it...So I'll start over ^.^

So this here is very interesting for comparison (later)

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Eskil by Alex

I was so determined that this week would be "Babies Week" for me, but because of the recent 1.5 day trip to Oslo, I only managed to complete a rough but final sketch of one of my best-est ex-colleague's baby boy. The picture's taken way back in October 2008, and I have a few blurry pictures of him now, but that's how I'd imagine how much he's grown.
This is my 2nd pencil sketch on people, so Lars, if it doesn't look like him, don't use your viking sword on me ^^ I hope you like it though. It definitely took me more than 3 hours, so Lars... you know the standard rate for a manhour right? ^o^

Oh yeah... why Babies week? Tomorrow/today(March 12th) is my baby niece's 1 year old birthday. So Happy Birthday KaQin! Lots of love from Lil Uncle. :)

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Genma Attack by Alex

This is my first attempt on using digital software to draw. I spent a couple of days just trying to figure out what I was doing, and I realized that drawing free-hand on the digital canvas was the easiest for me. It took me a few hours for this one, but it was really fun learning the tools on the software I was using, GIMP. I tried Corel Painter X too, but I prefer GIMP's simiplicity I guess. I thought that I started the blog with Genma and it's been great so far, so perhaps he would make a good start for digital painting too. But this time, he doesn't look so comical anymore ^^

I will be idle for a few days now because I got a training course in Oslo(no, it's not art course..'s engineering stuff boohoohoo). Oh yeah, I'd like to thank Sascha for throwing his unused tablet at me, it's an old Aiptek(not those expensive Wacoms), and thanks Tanna for giving me some useful tips on using the magic wand funtion... it's really magical :p

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Zombies by Alex

Keeping up with the theme for this week, and the fact that the first one wasn't scary enough, so I thought I 'd add a little fright pills into this one... "28 days/weeks later" style ya know. Originally I wanted to do more than these 2 posts this week, but I was feeling a bit sick for the passed few days, but I'm alright now.
I also started experimenting these new drawing pens I bought.. very similar to the Faber Castell PITT series I believe, only that they're from Edding(again), they are cheaper, but no gray colors, or lighter browns for shading. I had to enhance a bit more with traditional water colors. The blood though was done using Edding pens. I was happy with them that's why I took an additional picture just to show how precise they could be if you want them to. I also bought some Da Vinci synthetic paint brushes, size 3/0, 0, and 4 for the water colors. They are not Winsor & Newton, but they do the job ^^

Monday, 2 March 2009

Undying Love by Alex

I kinda declared that this is a zombie week for me, thought that it'd be interesting to start to have themes in different weeks or months. Originally I wanted to draw a couple of little boy and girl, but I ended up with something else. This one is meant to be amusing though, and it's dedicated to the one I care about the most. ^^