Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bali Bird (by Alex)

My friend FuiPing who just got married has a strange humor. She loves taking funny pictures ^^ She went to Bali for her honeymoon not too long ago and took a picture with a giant bird stone statue, she angled herself in such a way that the picture would turn out like the bird is eating her head. I thought that's hilarious! =)
This is for your FuiPing for making me giggle. And Congratulations!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

GhostRider 2(by Alex)

It's spring time and a lot of 2-wheeled enthusiasts are riding on the road feeling the wind and enjoying the nature. I don't own a motorcycle, and I don't know how to ride. But boys will always be boys, I love motorcycles ^^
As Iceman told me we're doing motorcycles this week, I got excited! So I thought I'd want to have a little "warm-up" session and keep the blood pumping. I drew a Suzuki 1300 Hayabusa. Tanna saw it and told me it's very similar to the GhostRider I drew 5 years ago for a friend as his birthday present. So here they are, old and new =) LET'S RIDE!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Super Bowl Ice Art

I haven't been posting for more than 2 weeks again, but I haven't stop thinking about doing art or anything related to it. I recently helped the iceman designing his new company logo. I can't really post that up yet until they have registered it, so I am going to hold that one up first.
That aside, I had been doing a lot of ice related art work too. I didn't really do the physical carving, or designed the entire piece by myself, but I worked on the motives and general shapes and designs, which usually would turn heads. Here are some we did for Superbowl party, which the Saints won(woot woot!)This is our Who Dat alligator. They serve shrimps in its teeth.
That's our Homer Simpson Luge. You pour drinks on the top and place your glass at the bottom for the drinks.
This is one of our typical Luge.

We'll be working on something that has Motorcycles for the theme within the next couple of weeks. I haven't done anything on that yet but I've got so many ideas in my head and I am so excited of how things will turn out.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Green Shoes (by Alex)

(Click to zoom) on Moleskine 5x8" Sketchbook

Lately I've been obsessed with shoes, I am not sure why. But I came across these weird looking ones from Vibram(I am not kidding, they do exists and they cost $75-$125 per pair depending on the models) called the FiveFingers that encourage people to go barefoot while not hurting themselves when they're running outdoor. I've even tried on a pair in a shop during a trip to New Orleans last Friday and I must say, it's a strange but nice feeling. The grip you get from them is almost gecko-like, I think these would make the best presents for Ninjas in the old days. The soles are really thin so don't expect any cushy feeling when you're walking over pebbles or gravels. I am not going to get a pair as they're not within my budget. But if you love walking around the house barefoot, and feel like doing the same outside but not wanting to get hurt from stepping on sharp objects, and not worried about getting looks or attention from the public, then these would be your best bet to date(but they are not available in green...yet).
It's my 2nd full color pencils, I'm slowly getting used to them. The Moleskine Sketchbook can't take too much pressure from the pencils, I need to apply layers lightly. Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback on my last drawing. I realized that you don't need to fight for just one reason, so we can all fight for both glory AND survival..... plus many more ^^

Monday, 1 March 2010

Army Strong (by Alex)

Moleskine Large Sketchbook 5"x8"

While driving back from Baton Rouge to Lafayette, 2 cars skidded off the road because of heavy rain. I was listening to the radio, and all of the sudden I started to realize how many times they play the commercial of how joining the National Guard, the Army could pay for your college in full, and keeping people in mind at all time that college is indeed very expensive. The famous tagline will never be wiped off my mind "There's Strong, and then there's Army Strong". It makes me wonder if most of the brave souls fighting in the wars, are they really fighting because they want to defend the nation they love so much, or because if they don't they won't be able to afford to go to college and get the education they need to get a good job and make ends meet? And that what really goes through their minds when they are in the battlefield? Are they fighting for glory or for survival?
I grew up in an army camp. My dad was in the air force, my sister is still serving in the military because they paid for her medical degree, and yet I don't really know the answer to those questions above.
This is to all the people who are serving in the army.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Contrast in Scenery (by Alex)

(Click to Enlarge)
Strathmore Bristol Vellum 300 Series 9"x12", 100lb (260g/m²)

I haven't done any water color painting for over a year, and I haven't painted trees for 7-8 years now. Thanks to my wife's housemate who prompted me to do so, I suddenly thought it was a good idea to fiddle around with the cheap Reeve's watercolor set I bought not too long ago, but however on the wrong kind of paper. It's entirely experimental but in a good way. I enjoyed doing it.
I wanted to create a plain background, and a tree in the foreground which contrasts it, so I changed the light source to see if that works, but it didn't. It looks more like you've taken a picture of a scenery with a powerful flash from the right instead.
Anyway, thanks for all your comments in my previous post. I really appreciate the thoughts, and that I am missed when I am inactive. Dan is right... the hearts grow fonder when you're far away or away for a while. ^^
Oh yeah, I've given this drawing to my wife's housemate, Mallory. Thanks for the idea!

Monday, 22 February 2010

AVATAR (by Alex)

(Click to enlarge)
(in progress...)

It's been a while since I last posted, I apologize profusely. I had been trying to cope with my weekly schedule, which turns out to be non-routine, so it was hard to be to get myself to sit and draw around the same time everyday like I usually do. There's just so much going on with my new life right now that's why.
Now that I've realized I don't have a routine anymore, I figured that I'd just sketch and draw whenever I am able to no matter where I am. I drew this one today, 2 hours in the library, and another on the couch in my wife's apartment on campus lounging around with her and her housemates. Definitely feels like drawing in public too, and I am slowly getting used to the idea.
I am sorry I hadn't been able to visit all your sites looking at your drawings, I'll catch up I promise.
Thank you all again for dropping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate it a lot, and I'll try to draw more too. ^^