Saturday, 1 August 2009

Gilwi the Horse (by Alex)

(click and it magically becomes bigger ^^)

Just a quick post of Gilwi(I hope I spelled the name correctly), a cute horse of Sylvia, a wonderful co-worker of mine in Germany. She loves her horse a lot, and I was still thinking about drawing something with beautiful hair and she burned be a CD with pictures of her beautiful horse.
:) I got those picture 3 months before, and I just hadn't got time for it, with all the traveling and other sketches that I had to do first. So I am sorry Sylvia for taking this so long, Tanna loves this one too by the way as she loves horses.
I finally got to Louisiana, after getting stranded in Memphis for a night because of the tornado. I'm still trying to fix the broken clock in my body, and I need to fix by tomorrow because I'll need to get busy starting tomorrow for the whole week. I am hoping that I'll get more clues on how to proceed next with my life after the meeting with my lawyer on Tuesday in New Orleans. I've never been there and frankly I am looking forward to this day-trip. Wish me luck guys because I'll need a lot of it.

Thank you all again and again for all your comments on my drawing of YUI. I really had fun doing that, and I didn't think it looked like her but apparently everyone's been telling me otherwise. I probably need to fix my eyes too XD Happy drawing everyone!