Thursday, 10 September 2009

Alien Huang (by Alex)

(click to enlarge)
(outline sketch stage)
(highlights & light shading stage)

Yes, no kidding! His showbiz name is Alien Huang, and he's another famous Taiwanese singer, actor, and host. He also owns A.E.S(Alien Evolution Studio) clothing line in Taiwan. I watch the variety show (Entertainment 100%) a lot, which he co-hosts with Show Lo, so I was thinking that it would be nice to do a couple of FanArts of them by sketching them.

Thank you all for your comments, your encouragement, and your motivation. And I am glad that some steps shown in the course of sketching are being appreciated, so I will keep doing it and hopefully it'll be somewhat helpful to those who wish to do portrait sketching. Not that I am a pro or that I've attended any art school or classes(I really should take one someday), so I really don't know what's the right way or the wrong way, I just do it base on how I feel and whichever way that makes sense to me. I'd be grateful if you could give me some pointers if you see what I did wrong because I'd love to improve myself too ^^


  1. Whoa Alex, this is great! I wouldn't be able to give you pointers as I've not had classes either! I do think it would be fun to do one day though! I love the reflection in his glasses!

  2. Great sketch again. Soft shades. Well done!

  3. This really is a wonderful sketch! You did a superb job with the shading and the reflection on the glasses. Great job! nancy

  4. Hi Alex!
    Your sketch is fantastic! I can't stop admiring the hair part, you're a pro in furs and hairs...
    and portraits :)
    Nice visiting you, keep posting your wip's, it's fun/educational to see how an artist works
    Best regards,

  5. Just wonderful Alex. The lights and darks are excellent.

  6. Terrific composition - is the floating skull his clothing logo? As always, your treatment of his hair is flawlessly done, as are his glasses.

  7. I love looking at all of your work, and this is no exception. Everytime you draw, it's like you keep getting better by leaps and bounds.

    so proud of you. :)

  8. Thanks Raena, Martine, Nancy, Caroline, Ellen, Betty, Phyllis and Tanna! ^^ You're all just too sweet.
    Phyllis, the floating skull is not his clothing logo. It was just something on the wall which he was leaning against
    I want to say this is actually quite rough too, but Dan would probably kick me if I say that again :) But he's not seen this yet so it's okay. I'll work on another piece(hopefully) with both Show Lo and Alien Huang together, and that'll end my sketches of Taiwanese male artists.
    And by the way, I keep forgetting that I wanted to mention that I'm now drawing on my 5x8" Moleskine pages. I left my leather bounded journal back in Louisiana but I won't stop there I promise ;)

  9. I love these step-by step posts, Alex. I don't think you need any pointers at all! You have such a natural talent. You should do a night class though, just purely because they are so much fun. I've done lots (not really for art but things like crochet and languages) and have made lots of friends and really enjoyed them.

  10. I love his showbiz name, too funny. It is a great sketch. I appreciate that you show the break down. I want to do more portraits but get over whelmed and stop. Looking at your steps I realize I am trying to put too much in right at the beginning. Very motivating to get going. Thanks

  11. excellent portrait, Alex,
    I see that in the outline stage, everything is already there, just refining after.
    I like the reflection in the glasses, being almost abstract and echoing the orbits of the skull.
    Thank you for all your nice comments.

  12. Very, very nice! Your sense of light and texture is excellent. You are inspiring me to work with graphite again!

  13. Hi Alex - I am very happy to meet you. I've been reading a lot about you and that I along with many others really appreciate your thoughtful comments. I understand too that congratulations are in order. I wish for you a very happy life together. Your drawings are wonderful. Drawing a likeness from photography is a difficult thing to do. One thing that you are doing so well is allowing the medium to express what it does best (vs trying to wrestle with it in order to make it look like a photograph).

  14. Thank you so much Aveen ^^ Your crochet stuff is so cool I couldn't find words to describe them.
    @Florence, yeah his name is kinda funny. I am glad you like the break down of parts too, the important thing to it is that you don't stop just in the beginning, good luck!
    @Benedicte, yeah actually the outline is like the skeleton the way I do it. I love your work too and it's my pleasure to leave comments on your pages.
    @Ann and Gary(I didn't know you two are related O_o) But thank you both over and over again. I am glad I am able to inspire even for just a tiny bit, and I am happy that people like what I said about their work. Thanks for the wishes, I am sure it'd be both challenging and exciting ^^

  15. your portrait drawing skills are getting more excellent!! it makes me speechless. I really have the impulse to touch the pic. The reflections on his glasses are so real. I love the light/dark contrast u have rendered. Truly marvelous!!!