Sunday, 10 May 2009

Rachel Weisz (by Alex)

My 3rd celebrity sketch ^^ I've always liked Rachel Weisz because of her roles in a lot of films, and of course the comical role in The Mummy is probably which people remember the most. This picture is taken from the movie "Definitely, Maybe" and I thought her hair is gorgeous.
I've spent more than 3 hours just detailing the hair, which is the biggest part of the sketch I think. An hour before that for the outlines and rough details, and another hour in the end finalizing, and adding my silly touches as always. I had a lot of fun despite the time-consuming processes.
Tools used, 0.5mm and 0.7mm HB mechanical pencils, 2H and 4H wood cased pencils, and 6B pure graphite pencil, and of erasers of course! ^^
Thank you so much for all the compliments on the Panda. I'm so glad you like it, and I hope you like this one too. I'm showing the steps again.


  1. Wonderful detailing of the hair! I really like this actress too, so I was really excited when you told me you were drawing her. A definite improvement <3

  2. This is beautiful work and you deserve high praise, I happen to like the dress and sleeves etc included as I feel they say something about the personality of the subject.

  3. Her hair, sleeves, dress and face are marvellous!!! you're terrific!!

  4. Wow, I love your drawing as well as the others. The shark...made by blood pressure go up I hate them things! You are an amazing artist!!

  5. Fantastic as always, and thanks for posting the 'in progress' shots, it's very interesting to see how you built up the drawing.

  6. This is so beautifully done. And that hair - wow! I agree, the progress shots are very interesting. Thanks for including those too.

  7. This wonderful Alex. I am so glad I took the time to check out this blog too. Wonderful feel on the hair.


  8. Can see that you really spent a lot of the time on her hair. You really enjoyed drawing !! She looks real.

  9. Alex, this is fabulous. I am so inspired and impressed. I also wanted to thank you for all your comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. I tried to find an email for you instead of posting here but couldn't find one. Thanks!!

  10. What glorious hair!!!!...You work magic Alex...always a treat to see your work! :)

  11. Your drawings are FANTASTIC! You're very talented!

  12. love the rachel... wow!

    love your work. so great. and thank you so much for your advise on my last post on my blog. replied on the comments on that but wanted to reply to everyone who was so kind in person too. really appreciate it. added your blog link to my blogroll.

    thanks again


  13. Absolutely fabulous likeness, and your portraiture skills are superb.

  14. That's awesome! Great to get to see the step by step, too. The hair looks gorgeous, and you nailed her sweet smile wonderfully!
    The panda below is fabulous, it shows that you love this animal : ) !

  15. Thanks sweetie for noticing the details ^^ I appreciate it so much!

    Winna, thanks again for your all-time support :) Love your work as much!

    Owl, I will drop by your page and comment again ^^

    Carol, You're an amazing artist yourself ^^ A compliment from you means the world!

    Aveen, Yeah right? ^^ Psssst, I actually prefer the 2nd picture which is like after 2 hours of work. It shows a lot of potential at that time, and that made me the happiest.

    Ann, your words mean so much to me, and your work is so inspiring. My following drawing is inspired by your colored pencils work. ^^

    Sherrie, Thank you so much for dropping by. Your page is just so artistic I love to drop by from time to time too :)

    Deborah, THANKS ^^

    Jason, really glad you enjoyed it. I'll bring my journal back home so you'll get to see them on the papers, trust me, they look much better than the pictures here ^^

    Leigh, don't worry about it. To be able to visit your blog and leave comments there is my pleasure too.

    Margaret Ann, Yeah! ^^ I thought that her hair in the picture looked fabulous. I tried replicating it, I didn't get it all right, but close I guess. Thank you so much :)

    Carolyn, Your flowers drawing are perhaps the best I've ever since. I am truly hoping that someday I could be as skillful as you :)

    Chris, glad you like it :) You're an amazing portrait artist, and I am happy that my words could be an encouragement to you even for a bit ^^

    Joanie, Thank you very much! I really love your drawings too, especially the clouds, they are awesome!

    Kazumi, I am happy you appreciate the steps too. And yeah, the smile...I had to correct that a little in the last minute. Glad you like the Panda sketch, I really do think I am liking Panda more and more too :p

  16. You are quite amazing with pencil and portraiture, wish I had your patience and an inch of your talent!

  17. Wow....shes really very pretty..and the work is really wonderfully done.

  18. Wow Alex! This is fantastic! I had been away for awhile and hadn't seen this one yet. The hair is incredible.

  19. Alex, this is an amazing portrait. Thank you for sharing the stages of your drawing, too. Not only you do a beautiful job with the drawing, you really captured the spirit of her expression, and that's no easy thing.

  20. beautiful drawing of a beautiful woman, great actress ... she's one of my favorites too. I've just been watching a movie with her ... Have you seen My Blueberry Nights

    thanks for visiting my blog

  21. Wow! Your work is so realistic - lovely!
    linda (