Sunday, 15 February 2009

Mermaid and jellyfish XD - Princess Koda

The ''finished'' result...I'm not continuing, I messed it up (you can't see it here *hehe*)...Even though I was so looking forward to color that mermaid >.<...Next one...
And this is a ''mini-making of'' XD


  1. i think it´s really cool T_T i like the colors you choose for this pic. but why don´t you finish it T_T it isn´t messed up in my opinion ;_;!

  2. ^^Thank youuu^^ (I'm addicted to that blue color XD)
    But...I really can't finish it >.<''...After I scanned this one in I did a ''FATAL thing''... XD XD XD...You know: watercolors + layers + layers = catastrophe XD...I just added too many layers of color, so the watercolor effect got lost...
    But, one day, I'll do another one XD...Under water