Thursday, 26 February 2009

Megan Fox by Alex

This is my first attempt on full pencil sketching, no inking or coloring. Back to old school one shall say, the size of the paper was the only limitation other than having to work on my lap and a coffee table the whole time. Took me around 3 and half hours to complete, I hope it at least looks like her. No, I am not a fan of her ^^ Sorry!

The original picture can be found here, just for comparison:-


  1. yeah ur right, her face looks a little different. i think its the angle of her head and the position of the cheek bone is the one that's affecting it.=) but overall its a nice piece. ;)

  2. look at ur drwing, suddenly remind me that u like to draw on school table.I was using the same table cause u were morning session student and I was afternoon session. That time, I always complaint to my sis that why the morning kid is so nakal like to conteng a lot...gegegege:)

  3. looks 80 - 90 percent alike.. very detail drawing. Nice one !!

  4. as pretty as the photo :) but the bokeh background in the photo make her looks more feminine.

  5. ahh I can see the resemblance, but you definitely made it your own.

    Great work as always. :)

  6. Carol, yeah I have a lot to improve still on real-life sketching. Long long way to go..
    FuiPing, Haha! You found my drawings on the classroom table?!! I wonder if the same table is still there.
    Jason, 90%?? That's too much I think >_< bu thanks!
    HuiHui, Bokeh background...tehehehehe. Yeah, I was too lazy to do anything with the background.
    Tanna, yep...copy something, modify a little, claim it as your own ^^ All asian style that is!