Thursday, 1 October 2009

Seeing Double (by Alex)

(Click to zoom)
(Rough sketch stage)
(Light shading and some highlight)
(Hair detailing and more shading)

If you notice that these two people are looking very similar, that's because they are actually one person :) just with different poses.
I always have problems drawing people that are dear to me because I am afraid that they won't like the result. I practiced with my niece and that now gave me a bit of confidence to draw the one I am marrying soon. She did mention that I never drew her, not because that I didn't want to, but it's because I didn't think I was good enough yet(I still don't feel that I am good enough actually). But a lot of things have been going on lately, and she's not in the best of her mood. So I took up the courage to give it a go and hope that it's able to life her spirit up a little and cheer her up a bit somehow.
Tanna, please be happy. I can't do much right now, but I hope I'm able to just put a smile on your face by drawing you. I love you ^^

Many thanks to everyone who commented on my earlier sketches of my niece. All your kind words made this possible.


  1. Congratulations, Alex, she's a darling girl and your drawing is beautiful, too. I do hope this lifts her spirits!

  2. Wow, lovely composition. I bet it cheers her right up! And I know what you mean about drawing people close to you. Ughhhh... never quite right!

  3. I think she is lovely and you've done a lovely job! I think she will realize from the care you used to draw her how much you love her!

  4. Oh Alex, this is a beautiful drawing of a beautiful woman. You are so good at drawing - never fear - she's going to love it and love you more for having been brave enough to do it! nancy

  5. Wonderful drawing. I really like the composition too. Tanna is a beautiful woman and I can tell you care foe her a lot.

  6. Thank you so much all ^^ I have shown her before I signed the final work, but it was over a webcam so she couldn't see it as clear, but she liked it :)
    I'll keep trying, and I'll draw more of people I hold dear in my heart intermittently, and more frequently.

  7. Beautiful! Love the two poses in one idea.

  8. Hi Alex.

    What a lucky guy you are
    to have such a lovely woman
    for a bride to be.

    Hopefully your drawing
    will put a big smile on your
    darling's face.

    Her right portrait exudes
    the moodiness you mentioned previously

    whereas her "double" appears to be
    so uplifted and confident.

    Much praise for your fine work
    Cheers, Doug

  9. Very sweet of you!! i hope one day my hubby would do the same for me too..;)

    Love your strokes, shadings, forms and shapes. so confident and nice! her 'double' expressions are lovely, very natural and beautiful!! this is one of the best wedding gift i ever saw!! especially from a caring hubby to a lovely wife ;)

  10. ^^ yes, this really did put a smile on my face, and I can't thank you enough for brightening my day.

    I know it's difficult to draw people close to you, but I appreciate the effort and time you took to think about me. (plus, I really love how everything turned out with my "double")

    I am very blessed to have you for a husband-to-be.

    Thank you for everything.

  11. That was so romantic :)
    I can see Tanna liked it, what else can be said?
    Best regards,

  12. Just a perfect drawing. She' a lucky lady, she is. Another job beautifully done, Alex. Or should I say a "labor of love" instead of "job"?

  13. She's really cute, Alex! ;) It seems like a long wait I'm sure, but looking back it'll be like the blink of an eye. Tell her this is a time to treasure and everything will be wonderful I'm sure. You are a beautiful couple. Hope to meet you both one day..oh, and the drawing is perfect!! The doubling up is a clever idea - and twice as brave - you had to get a likeness in both! The composition is wonderful - all the interesting angles and negative space. The drawing holds great interest even if you don't know who it is.

  14. Wishing you both a life together that is abundant in Joy and Laughter.

    Portraits are such an intimate communion between artist and subject. I remember feeling I'd encountered my nephew and his dad in a very personal and profound way while drawing the little guy from a photo in which his father is holding him. I suppose it's all the choices artists make - which shapes work best to express our vision, which to leave out, angles, backgrounds - while all of it still working together to create That Person. I see you struggled with foreshortening (arm/elbow), and her left eye (show or not). Your final decisions work really well - as Dan said, "The drawing holds great interest even if you don't know who it is." Over the years, I hope to see more portraits of lovely Tanna through your artist eye.

  15. As a child who always secretly wanted a twin, (I had seen Parent Trap, the first one.) I have to say that I love the idea of superimposing the two pictures onto one drawing! How fun! And your future wife looks beautiful! I hope that you'll be together soon and I can't wait to meet you two, and Dan and his wife!

  16. An awesome picture. You have outdone yourself. How special to have art that is so intertwined in your life. A definite labor of love.

  17. Super. I can understand the pressure you would feel trying to capture a loved one but you did a great job showing two different faces of one person here. Wonderful and I see she liked it too. Whew! Wipe the worry off your forehead!!

  18. Tanna is a lucky girl Alex. I hope this did the trick and she can see how much you love her. She is beautiful...I can tell my the sketch!

  19. Alex,
    I believe I saw this at Drawspace this past week and at first I thought you had drawn twins :) I am a twin you see...hehehe...beautiful job on this composit and the emotions that you have conveyed!

  20. This is so beautifully done! Tanna is obviously very special and a lucky lady to have found you.

  21. Alex, this is beautiful :) See- I told you that you could do it- and now you have a beautiful tribute to your bride-to-be :) She is a beauty indeed :)

  22. Another excellent Leng Lui pics

  23. She is beautiful...Your drawing of her is amazing!!! I LOVE that sensitive and loving! What a gift! You are quite the catch dear Alex!!! :) Best of everything to you both! :)

  24. Thank you everyone and Margaret^^ I believe I am the lucky one here :)

  25. Your drawings are exquisite, Alex! Maybe one day I'll draw as well. :) Thank you for sharing them!

  26. Oh, my... what a great piece! You do great work in all that you show, but I especially love these posts where you show your work in progress!

    What a wonderful tribute to your bride-to-be :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!